Matt McLane headshot

Matt McLane

Investment Advisor Representative
888-357-0804 ext. 106

After graduating from BYU and finishing up his education, Matt joined McLane Advisors in 2005. Matt brings a unique passion for the markets and how they operate on a macro level which has uniquely benefited our firm and our clients.  

He is especially gifted in relationship management and plays a key role in client outreach. A musician and songwriter by gift and passion, Matt often provides fresh perspectives that assist the firm in looking at complex issues in diverse ways. He now manages McLane Advisors with his partners. Outside of music, Matt also enjoys saltwater aquariums, back-packing and off-roading through the mountains, and gardening. He is a devoted husband to a woman he does not deserve and a father to four amazing children. You will often hear him declaring that he loves what he does, but he does what he does in order to gain the resources to spend meaningful time with his family.